Monsoon Festival.<br>Enjoy music responsibly.


The Monsoon festival is the new kids on the block of Asian festivals. Crucial to bring emerging artists on stage and responsible behaviour forward.

Monsoon Festival is a​ popular music festival that takes Hanoi by storm every year in October. It is heavily inspired by Roskilde Festival for its mission to promote new music and emerging talents. This is a truly international event whose line-up features both local and international music artists and a wide range of music genres, from pop and rock to jazz, EDM, soul and many more. 

“I want the festival to bring new styles of music to aficionados in Vietnam as well as to be a place to introduce creative music projects and music talents”

Quoc Trung, musician

The collaboration with Tuborg and the Tuborg Foundation aims at creating awareness among young people on the dangers of drink driving. It offers alternative and safe transportation preventing festival goers from driving their mopeds after they have consumed alcohol - an ever growing problem in Vietnam.

Don't drink at drive at Monsoon festival

“An annual international music festival in Vietnam is a dream of many people who work in the music industry, including me”

Ha Tran, singer
  • Source: Tuborg Foundation