Tuborg Musik: when beer is music's best friend

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Tuborg does something for music, and music does something for Tuborg. We are at our best when we are together. Live. With an audience that has music in their blood just like us, and knows that music must be experienced live, with an ice cold Tuborg in one hand and a good pal in the other.

In 1979 Tuborg started to support the Jazz Festival in Copenhagen. Some years later, in 1983, we organised the first Green Concert, which has been an annually recurring series of one-day music festivals ever since.

In 2002, Tuborg became a solid partner for Roskilde Festival, the biggest festival in Scandinavia. 

There have been many more collaborations with the country's biggest festivals and venues. Whenever you’re having music-in-a-field fun time, you can bet your Wellington boots that Tuborg is around.

Musikhjælp (Music Help)

Apart from supporting established festivals and venues, we also sponsor young musicians. 

As a starting musician, you might have the energy and libido of a rock star, but most likely not the paycheck of one. Enter: Tuborg Musikhjælp - a website where bands can apply to get help for their live acts so that they can focus more on music and less on the logistics. More than 100 bands every year go on tour with the help of Tuborg.


To be able to use the bus sponsored by Tuborg makes a huge difference when we go on tour.

With the money we save every day, we can pay our crew, get a proper sleep and even treat ourselves a bit. Which makes us extremely happy.

Eclectic Moniker, Denmark

We have been on the road with Tuborg Musikhjælp several times. And every single time it has been a massive help for us.

Having the bus means we save a lot of money from our limited budget and we reach our destinations safe and comfortably. 

Fribytterdrømme, DK

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