The Tuborg foundation – Society is our business


Giving back to society is engrained in the Scandinavian way to do business. So as soon as our brew started flowing around the world, we started thinking of a way for enabling more dreamers to succeed.

It was 1931 when we established the Tuborg foundation, whose purpose is to support volunteers driven initiatives that can drive positive change in society from the bottom up. It has been a great journey and one thing we have learnt is that music has a special power to bring people together, build bridges and make a difference in our communities.

“At the Tuborg Foundation, we believe in the community. By working together for a common cause, we can push boundaries and create something new. For the benefit of those involved and for society.”

To this day, the Tuborg Foundation still receives 30% of our dividends each year. Since its beginnings, it has contributed over 900 million Danish Kroner to over 15.500 projects. We have picked here some of the latest projects with a special focus on music, but we are working on exciting new projects all the time, come back soon to get the latest update!

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