We've put a ring pull cap on it

Tuborg pull ring cap

Just because all beer bottles come with a crown cap, doesn’t mean our bottle should. In fact, we were the first to use a pull ring cap, which means you only need a finger to open your Tuborg, and that's easy to find, wherever you are!

Beer innovation since 1880.

When all breweries in Denmark were producing hvidtøl (a traditional weak, sweet and dark brew) our first brewmaster, Hans Bekkenvold, created the first Danish pilsner. When other breweries were producing for the internal market we chose to export. When no brewer was bottling their beer, we built a tapping facility so we could skip the middlemen and sell our bottles directly to shops at a fixed price, for the joy of all Tuborg lovers.

We have never been afraid to jump first. RIP followers.

tuborg bottling plant, 1910